Posh Points

Introducing Posh Points!

We are excited to introduce Posh Points to Little Posh Princess. Posh Points is a customer appreciation program that allows you to earn 5% of each purchase in store credit to use on a future purchase. Posh Points store credit will be earned on every purchase that is made as long as you complete the transaction while you are logged into your account. If you are not logged in, you will not receive Posh Points credit. So be sure to set up an account! Posh Points will be available to use once your order has shipped.

How does it work?

You will earn One Posh Point on every $1.00 you spend at Little Posh Princess.

20 Posh Points = $1.00 in store credit

It is that easy!


When can I use my PP? You can use them as soon as your order has shipped.

Do I earn Posh Points on Pre-Orders? Yes! You will earn Posh Points on every purchase. However, if you pay for your pre-order with a deposit code, you will only earn Posh Points on the deposit amount. Your Posh Points balance will be updated when the balance of your preorders have been paid and shipped.

Can I give my Posh Points to someone else? No, Posh Points are non-transferrable

Will my Posh Points expire? No, Posh Points will not expire.

Can my Posh Points earned be applied to my purchase? No, Posh Points can only be redeemed on a future purchase.

Do I get to keep my earned Posh Points if I return my order? No, if you return an item where Posh Points were earned, those Posh Points will be deducted from your Posh Points balance.

Will I get a refund if I return items where Posh Points were used? Your refund will be equivalent to the amount of the sale, less the Posh Points redeemed. Posh Points used toward the transaction will be forfeited and not credited back to your account.

Will I earn Posh Points on sales where Posh Points were redeemed? You will earn Posh Points on sales where Posh Points credit was redeemed, but the Posh Points will be earned will be on the amount of the sale less the Posh Points credit. (For example: your order is $100 and you use $5.00 in Posh Points credit, you will receive 95 Posh Points for the sale).

Can I earn more than 5% in store credit? Yes, there will be opportunities to earn more than 5% Posh Points. Make sure you are enrolled to receive our newsletter and “like” our FB page to receive updates on any special promotions and discounts at Little Posh Princess!

Questions?  Email us at leslie.littleposhprincess@gmail.com